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Monica Bellucci
Born September 30, 1968 at 2:30 PM
in Città di Castello (Italie)
Libra 7°27 AS Capricorn 20°00

Birth Analysis
Main Title: Life Path
Sub Title: Ascendant In Capricorn
Key Word: LIFE-PATH: Progress
You have a serious and reserved facade, and during your early years you developed the commitment and self-discipline to rise above many difficulties and obstacles in your family life. You carry a burden of high expectations and are often afflicted by gnawing doubts concerning your ability. You probably work too hard and give yourself too little time to express your emotions. Conversely you tend to attract the emotional type of partner who is looking for security and is attracted by your responsible and hard-working nature. Frustrated by your inhibited and formal nature, your partner will make many emotional demands. The more you soften up and trust your feelings, the more your partner will feel stabilised emotionally. The fewer burden you take on, the less dependant your partner will be.

You are ambitious and powerfully motivated to attain professional success. However in the first 30 years of your life you struggle hard to overcome a lack of self-confidence and a tendency to have dark thoughts about the future. You have a need to prove yourself, you have low expectations, and you expect to fight for every little success. As you get older the efforts you invest in your career pay off, and you inevitably rise to a position of responsibility. Other things being equal, you will be a trusted employee, or a respected manager, known for your reliability and conscientiousness. You drive yourself hard, are dynamic, and keep your long-term goals in sight. You may however be a hard master, and if you expect other people to be as motivated as you, you will be disappointed. Learn from them by setting more time aside to play and enjoy the pleasures of family life.