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Marylin Monroe
Born June 1, 1926 at 9:30 AM
in Los Angeles (CA) (USA)
Gemini 10°27 AS Leo 13°03

Birth Analysis
Main Title: Life Path
Sub Title: Ascendant In Leo
Key Word: LIFE-PATH: Self-projection
You are extremely aware of yourself and the impression you make on others. The spotlight is on you, and this is reflected in a sense of drama about your life. Basically you are a warm-hearted person, endowed with a sense of humour and fun and with a natural ability to liven up any gathering. Your appetite for life inclines you towards activities which give you a solid sense of who you are. Creative pursuits, romance, and involvement with children are all important areas of interest. You are the kind of person people notice, even to the point of seeming self-centred. Nevertheless, many people will seek your company. In intimate long-term relationships you tend to evoke a certain emotional distance in the partner, who knows you too well to fall for your charming manner. By cultivating a more detached view of yourself, you gain greater intimacy with those close to you.

Key Word: LIFE-PATH: Self-projection
Building up a strong sense of identity is a major motivating factor for you on a professional level, so you will thrive in a high profile job in which you can win recognition. Your ability to succeed is dependant on many other factors in your chart, but major assets will be your self-confidence, charisma and personal style. You may also have access to creative talents which can manifest in many areas of your life, from art to teaching. It is important for you to be at the centre of things, and - other things being equal - other people will accept you as a leader in their group. When you stand out and excel you are at your happiest, and so are other people. If you hide your light under a bushel, nobody is satisfied. As you are extremely aware of your personal power and the influence to have on others, you will be very sensitive to the unavoidable fluctuations in your personal confidence during the years. The older you get, the more secure you feel about your identity.