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Sophie Marceau
Born November 17, 1966 at 2:30 AM
in Paris (France)
Scorpio 24°15 AS Virgo 23°03

Birth Analysis
Main Title: Life Path
Sub Title: Ascendant In Pisces
Key Word: LIFE-PATH: Inner communion
You are something of a dreamer, and some unfortunate or unhappy experiences in your childhood will have evoked escapist tendencies in you. Conversely you are endowed with an extremely fertile imagination, and you manifest considerable empathy towards both those who are close to you, and complete strangers. You emanate a sensitive and vulnerable impression, but at the same time you display an understanding and acceptance which other people find very reassuring. If you can overcome your inner sense of loneliness and tendency to martyrdom you can truly help other people. You never dominate, and you have an uncanny ability to totally tune in to the feelings of other people. In relationships you often force your partner to take care of practical details, and friction can arise because you appear to let things slide. More effort and organisation on your part could reduce tension here.

You are sensitive and impressionable person, very aware of unhappiness and suffering in the world, which you often experience as a harsh and cruel place. You can find yourself sucked into many professional areas, but if you actively pursue your dreams, then you find success and satisfaction in creative areas. You have a tremendous imagination and a fine attunement to the subtle influences in the environment. This may give you a talent for music or art, or film or advertising. As you show great concern for other people, you may find yourself gravitating towards a caring profession. Preferring to be somewhat withdrawn from the world, you may be suited to either working in a private institution, or in some branch which offers you peace and isolation. Generally speaking you are an impractical person, mostly because you don not see why you should accept the so-called realities of life. Often this results in you feeling alone and misunderstood.