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Born June 9, 1981 at 12:00 PM (unknown)
in Jerusalem (Israël)
Gemini 18°28

Jodie Foster
Born November 19, 1962 at 8:14 AM
in Los Angeles (CA) (USA)
Scorpio 26°51 AS Sagittarius 17°57

Birth Analysis
Main Title: Life Path
Sub Title: Ascendant In Sagittarius
Key Word: LIFE-PATH: Influence & understanding
You are powerfully motivated to understand your place in the world and the meaning of your existence. Your curiosity and need to explore your boundaries will lead you to travel considerably during the course of your life. If or when you prefer the settled life, then you will read, study and discuss to gain further insight into the world. You are philosophically orientated, seeking depth and answers. In partnership matters you may often feel that your opinions are trivialised; conversely other people feel you take yourself to seriously. When you are bombastic and opinionated, other people compensate by being flippant or, in your eyes, superficial. An acceptance of the relativity and diversity of truth, and a certain self-deprecating humour, can make you easier to get on with.

You are philosophical, love freedom and open horizons, and these needs will be reflected in your choice of job. You would be happiest in an employment which offers dynamic possibilities, constant change and future promise. You would work well in pioneering ventures, especially if they offered connections abroad, or the opportunity to expand your inner or outer horizons. You are a person of extremely strong convictions and you are a passionate believer in justice. As your ideals are all-important, you have a need to see your work having an effect on society in some way. It is also essential for you to feel that what you do has meaning on a larger scale. Winning the hearts and minds of other people is important, so you may involve yourself in further education projects, consultancy, publishing and the media, or shaping public opinion in some way.