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How to Predict Love Compatibility From the Distance Between Signs


When we look at love compatibility, the distance between two star signs on the horoscope wheel is very important. With each sign there are seven possible aspects on the astrology wheel, and we can look at what each one represents for a relationship. In order to work out your distance from other signs you need to look at the place of your sign in the astrology chart. For example Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Taurus is the second, so an Aries-Taurus match is one sign apart.

This either works very well or not at all. If you are with someone of the same sign then you are with a mirror image of yourself and you will have similar temperaments and personalities. This may cause friction however as you can be too similar and get stuck in your shared ways.

One sign apart: Those who are one sign apart (the signs on either side of yours) can be a volatile combination. There are often arguments here but this also leads to great passion. This is certainly not a boring combination but it also needs understanding on both sides in order to work.

Two signs apart: If you are with someone who is two signs away from you (like Aries and Gemini) then you will always be with an element that is compatible with yours. In this case it would be Fire sign Aries and Air sign Gemini. This combination will have things in common and you may find out that you become friends first before becoming lovers.

Three signs apart:Those that are three signs apart are in what is called a ‘hard aspect’ as they are located at 90 degrees from each other on the horoscope wheel. As a result things will not always run smoothly and there can be a lot of competition here as both signs want things their own way.

Four signs apart:People who have a partner who is four signs apart from them will find that their mate is the same element as them. This means that if you are an Aries, the sign four signs apart from you is Leo, also a Fire sign. As a result you will find that you have a lot in common and this is one relationship that can feel effortless.

Five signs apart:This can either be an easy combination or a complete nightmare. Sometimes it works as these two are usually so different, but it can also mean that there is little in common when things go wrong. One thing to note however is that if these two do end up together then it is usually for the long haul. Six signs apart:

If you are with someone who is six signs apart from you, this means that you are with someone who is your opposite sign (directly across from you on the zodiac wheel). In the case of Aries for example, it would be airy Libra. As you are opposite signs, this is exactly what you can expect, opposite personalities. That said, it is well known that opposites attract, so this can actually end up being quite a good match.