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Love Astrology: Which Elements Make the Best Match?


In astrology the elements are vital when it comes to looking at how our personalities work and looking at the characteristics of others. They can also tell us which other element is likely to be the best love match for us.

First of all, make sure you know which element corresponds to your sign:
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire and Fire: Two Fire signs together are obviously going to be a pretty sparky combination. The relationship will be extremely passionate but also intense, and if you can’t stand the heat then you may want to get out of the kitchen. One positive aspect of this union is that although there will be fights, they will be forgotten as quickly as they start.

Fire and Earth: An Earth and a Fire sign work well together. They are very different but the Earth sign has a way of grounding the volatile Fire sign. They in turn inject a bit of fun and adventure into the steady and predictable life of the Earth sign, but if this relationship fails then it will be because the Fire sign is bored.

Fire and Air: This can be an exhausting combination as the Fire sign and the Air sign are both as excitable as each other. As they are both flighty there is no one to ground them and they can lose their grip on reality pretty quickly. Finally after a few adventures they will come back down to earth with a bump.

Fire and Water: A Fire and Water combination is a pairing of opposites. These two can work well if they accept their differences, but if they try to get the other to agree to their way of thinking then it can be a disaster. Water signs are known for being sensitive and the Fire sign can trample all over their delicate feelings without realizing their mistake.

Earth and Air: An Earth and an Air sign combination is one of the best you can have. These two are natural intellectuals and they will love to sit around putting the world to rights. They work well together but they need to be a team and not get lost in their own worlds if this is to be a success.

Earth and Earth: Two Earth signs together obviously have a lot in common. In this way they work well together and they know their likes and dislikes. They do however have to guard against getting stuck in the mud, as they can tend to fall into set patterns and lose the excitement in their relationship.

Earth and Water: Earth and Water signs work nicely together and this is a very balanced union. They will make a good team and it may be that they work together as well as being romantic partners. They naturally spark creativity in each other so could end up opening their own business or other creative endeavor.

Water and Water: Two water signs either work well together or are a disaster. They are both emotional and can tend to dwell on the negative side of life. In this way they need to remember to cheer up and not look at the glass half empty all the time.

Water and Air: A Water sign and an Air sign is a tricky combination. Air signs are restless whereas water sign want to go with the flow, so this can be difficult to navigate. They also get emotional when they are angry, and this can lead to some big dramatic fights.

Air and Air: Two Air signs understand each other perfectly. They both love to talk a mile a minute but this can be exhausting in the long term. They really need someone to help balance them out which neither can provide for the other.