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Love Secrets- What Your Venus Sign Reveals


The sign that Venus was in at the time of your birth is really important if you want to know all about your love life! It tells us how we approach love and what we are likely to attract in our love life. If you don’t know your Venus sign then simply get a free birth chart to find out.

Venus in Aries: People who have Venus in Aries are very direct when it comes to love. They wear their heart on their sleeve and they are independent thinkers. They are naturally charming and people with Venus in Aries are usually extremely charismatic and attractive to others.

Venus in Taurus: Those who have Venus in Taurus associate love with physical aspects. They are very sensual and setting the scene for love is very important to them. They like to feel comfortable in love and are loyal and dependable mates. This does also mean however that they have a tendency to be jealous and possessive.

Venus in Gemini: Gemini is a naturally chatty sign so those who have Venus in Gemini use their words to charm a potential suitor. They are interesting and playful when it comes to love. A love match with someone who has Venus in Gemini will rarely be boring but they are also flighty when it comes to love and find it hard to settle down.

Venus in Cancer: Cancer is such a nurturing sign that these people carry all of this energy to their relationships. They are not the most exciting of lovers but they love commitment and are loyal to their mate. People with Cancer in Venus are usually highly sensitive so their emotions in love can also get the best of them at times.

Venus in Leo: People with Venus in Leo look at love as a competition and their mate as a prize. They will love to show off their union to others and they really enjoy the courtship phase. This is also a sign that is loyal and proud and so they are committed and romantic.

Venus in Virgo: Don’t expect much in the way of flirtation and courtship with someone who has Venus in Virgo. That is definitely not their style. They are methodical and view a relationship as something that needs to be worked on and taken seriously. This makes them very devoted to their partner once they settle down.

Venus in Libra: Venus in Libra makes people kind and calm. They are committed to the idea of love and have an old fashioned view of how it should look. Those with this aspect like the traditional roles of courtship like flowers and presents which is sometimes mistaken for materialism. They love to be spoilt and will treat their partner the same way.

Venus in Scorpio: Those with Venus in Scorpio are intense and love to be in a committed relationship. Sometimes their feelings are so strong that they can become obsessed with their partner but they are also loyal. They want commitment and people with Venus in Scorpio are not afraid to stay with one partner forever.

Venus in Sagittarius: Venus in Sagittarius people have a very idealistic view of love. They also want to do everything together and share their life path with their partner. They have strong beliefs about everything and this applies to how they see the role of their partner.

Venus in Capricorn: Capricorn is the father figure of the zodiac and people with Venus in this sign have a protective and fatherly approach to love, regardless of their sex. They see love as a responsibility and they are very controlled in their feelings, so don’t expect any great outpourings of emotion.

Venus in Aquarius: People who have Venus in Aquarius are free spirits. The can often find themselves in non-traditional relationships because of this and they don’t feel they need to live their lives to please others. They can seem a little cold at first and are not very demonstrative in love but they will commit when they find the right person.

Venus in Pisces: Those with Venus in Pisces are soft and emotional types. Their feelings get hurt easily and they tend to feel deeply when they fall in love. They can also be obsessive and possessive as a result of these strong emotions.