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The Best Adjacent Sun Sign Combinations


When you are in a love union it is important to look at the sign of your partner in order to find the best ways to navigate your relationship with ease. In some cases however, you may find out that you are actually adjacent sun signs, which means that you are located next to each other on the astrological wheel.

Adjacent signs are known for being different, but depending on the exact signs in particular, there can be ways to celebrate all your differences.

Aries/Taurus: The Aries/Taurus partnership is not an easy one. Aries is full of restless energy and Taurus is a dependable homebody. These two often clash but are also both very loyal.

Taurus/Gemini: Taurus hates to rush and Gemini is a restless Air sign that loves to talk too much. You will need to have patience for this to work and the Gemini will have to learn that the Taurus won’t budge if they don’t want to.

Gemini/Cancer: Gemini loves to go out and have fun and Cancer is nurturing and homely. These two really live at different speeds and it can be hard to find common ground.

Cancer/Leo: Cancer likes to stay at home and can be very maternal/paternal. Leo loves to go out and is the life and soul of the party. That said these two both love family so this can bring them together.

Leo/Virgo: Leo looks at the bigger picture and Virgo is obsessed with the details. This can seem like criticism or nitpicking and can irritate the Lion beyond belief. There will need to be a lot of patience for this to go the distance.

Virgo/Libra: Virgo really wants things to be ordered and perfect. Libra has their head in the clouds. There needs to be a dose of realism here if these two really want to connect. Don’t expect too much from each other.

Libra/Scorpio: Libra is lighthearted and Scorpio is all about hidden depths. Scorpio can become obsessive and withdrawn and Libra is all about having fun and can seem superficial. This pair needs to relax and learn to let loose with each other.

Scorpio/Sagittarius: The sign of Scorpio is known for being an introvert and Sagittarius is a humanitarian who loves the group dynamic. There will need to be a lot of give and take here as they adjust to each other’s pace.

Sagittarius/Capricorn: Sagittarius is a free thinker and often lives quite an unconventional life. Capricorn is buttoned up and the sign of the patriarch. One is a stiff workaholic and the other a perpetual adolescent looking for adventure. Lots of patients will be required here.

Capricorn/Aquarius: Capricorn is a workaholic and a realist. Aquarius is an idealist and revels in lofty pursuits. In this case the Goat needs to lighten up and the Water Bearer needs to get a grip on reality when the time comes.

Aquarius/Pisces: Aquarius is an authoritarian and loves group situations and dynamics. Pisces is shy and introverted and more suited to be in a pair or alone. Aquarius can accidentally trample on the sensitive Pisces’ feelings if they are not careful.

Pisces/Aries: Pisces is sensitive and emotional. Aries is brash and fiery. The Aries needs to earn to be softer and the Pisces needs to toughen up a little for this to work.