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Your Love Key – By Sign


Everyone has things they need in a relationship, but there are some things without which love will never blossom.

Find out what your love key is according to your sun sign and also check what makes your partner tick when it comes to love!

Aries: The sign of the Ram needs honesty and frank conversation. Nothing annoys an Aries more than beating around the bush or people who are indecisive. Never hide anything from an Aries mate, they will absolutely hate it.

Taurus: This is a sensual sign that likes things to be refined and comfortable. They don’t like things that are crass and rude. They want to be treated well and superficial things like financial stability and looks are important to them.

Gemini: Communication is ruled by the sign of Gemini and so they love to talk. They also need a partner who can communicate well with them and if they are with a more aloof sign who won’t tell them how they feel then this relationship will be doomed.

Cancer: The Crab loves to nurture and be nurtured in turn. This sign craves stability and they want to be surrounded by supportive people and loved ones. You need to make your partner feel safe and loved if they are a Cancer.

Leo: This is a playful sign and they hate to feel tied down. Give them freedom and they will be incredibly loyal to you in return.

Virgo: The sign of the Virgin is a very kind one, albeit rather introverted. A Virgo partner will be loyal if they can see that you have their best interests at heart and that you are committed to them.

Libra: This is the sign of the Scales so this is all about balance. Libra wants harmony in their life so it is important that you give it to them. They are very forgiving as long as they can see that you are trying your best.

Scorpio: The Scorpion is introverted but also a person of great integrity. They expect the same in a partner and they don’t like people who are superficial and they contain many hidden depths themselves.

Sagittarius: Generous to a fault, Sagittarius also expects a partner to give as much as they get back. They are also group people so you will need to learn to share them with others.

Capricorn: The Goat is obsessed with hard work and is a stickler for rules. They don’t want someone flighty but are looking for a dependable partner who will be loyal to them.

Pisces: The Fish is a very sensitive sign and they have deep feelings that can overwhelm some people. You need to treat a Pisces partner gently and make sure that you tread carefully when it comes to their feelings.