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What Signs are Difficult for Me?

In assessing Sign Compatibility some Signs are "difficult" to relate to. They're not really "incompatible" and should not be "avoided" arbitrarily - for those so-called "incompatible" people born with the Sun in certain Signs may have a lot to offer you! They have qualities which are very "different" from yours, but "differences" create interest and excitement - even "passion". There may be more "challenges" and "conflicts" with these friends or partners; but that's what makes life interesting - and offers the most opportunity for personal growth!

Your two most difficult Signs are at a 90-degree angle to your Sign in the horoscope chart (2 Signs between yours & theirs). People born 3 months apart have their Sun in a Sign which is "square" to the other's; and those born very close to 91 days apart will have the Sun itself square the other's, which means a stronger challenge! (Moon square Sun is also difficult.) Example: Aries/Cancer or Aries/Capricorn. They have very "different" ways, and will "push your buttons" and trigger some "ego conflicts".

These two Sun Signs may not show up in your best "love match" list - but IF many other connections in your individual horoscope charts create more harmony, they can STILL be a great match!