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We are both full-time practicing astrologers, and our mission is to give as much insight into yourself and the world as possible. We want to show the magic of astrology...

Adrian has had clients for 20 years, has written two books, and had his own astrology school in Copenhagen for seven years, and Charlotte has had consultations for three years now.

Together we keep ourselves up to date with the daily rhythms of the planets, and apply our understanding to the world situation, to consultations, to sun sign analysis - indeed to every aspect of our lives.


I am Welsh but was born in York, England during my mother's temporary sojourn in that town ... and oddly, I have never been back there. During my youth I went to boarding school in Cambridge - for 6 long years - and if you are curious about whether to send your children to boarding school, a word of advice. Don't.


Naturally I did the opposite of what boarding school had trained me to do, dropped out of university and headed out East. As a consequence of a year-long stay in India in 1970, I was gripped by the magic of astrology. My eldest son Tommy was born in Goa.


At my Saturn return - aged 30 - I moved to Denmark, which just happens to be one of the most astrologer-friendly countries in the world. Here you go to a bank and say you want to loan to start up as an astrologer, and the manager asks you to do his/her chart.


After about 5 years in Denmark - after some struggling with what is rather a difficult language - I became president of the Copenhagen Astrology Society - and remained so for about 7 years. One of the more significant events Ekliptika organized was the 1991 Copenhagen Astrology Conference which invited Russian astrologers to the West for the first time, after which the Congress profits were give in full to Russian astrology organizations.

Full - time astrology

During the Eighties I had the opportunity to speak at conferences and astrological societies as far apart as Atlanta, San Diego, Montreal, Dublin, Manchester, London, Holland, Norway and Sweden. Gripped by the exciting atmosphere of New York whilst on tour there in 1987 I commenced my first book Doing Time on Planet Earth , which is published by Element Books. (ISDN 1-85230-190-2).

World of Wisdom

In the nineties I developed the horoscope softwares . This was a result of my frustration over incomprehensible DOS programs and the general elitist approach to astrology. I find it very embarrassing when astrologers use incomprehensible language.


In 1998 our second program for love compatibility, designed specifically for relationships, was released. It has many unusual and "intelligent" features, which makes each analysis unique.

Editor for the AA

In March 1998 I moved rather suddenly from Denmark to England - after 19 years in Denmark. Did I foresee it? Hmm...Well, I met another astrologer who predicted I would move, but I didn't believe him. The opportunity arose to be editor for the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, and it seemed an exciting thing to do. Denmark suddenly felt rather small, so off I went. This lasted just 3 years, and in 2001 I returned to Denmark. It's a nice country for astrologers, and Copenhagen is a beautiful city. Everyone should come to Copenhagen in the "rush hour" - after London, it is total peace.

Married - again

On my return to Denmark, I remarried in August 2002 in a Buddhist ceremony conducted by Lakha Lama. My wife Charlotte is also a skilled astrologer, and currently we have finished working together on our latest project... the 'astrology forecast'.
My chart 
It wouldn't be polite of me not to give the complete picture, when I have just written so much self-promotional material, so for those in the know, here is my chart. In my opinion it's not a very complicated horoscope. Actually I quite like it: I would be quite normal really, if Uranus wasn't sitting on top of my MC, and - ahem - the Sun wasn't on the Uranus/Pluto midpoint.


Astrology is my passion, but it is not the most important thing in my life, as I have been a practising Buddhist since 1981. One of my special interests is Holy Island, which is a meditation community off the West coast of Scotland